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About us

We’re always looking awry at new tech fads to find new creative ways to détourn them.

proof of wordTM is a service by Trust Chain Solutions.

At Trust Chain Solutions, we offer end-users affordable, accessible, and alternative ways to use and look at technology.

Trust Chain Solutions is a subsidiary company of UnProductive Solutions.


What is proof of wordTM?

proof of wordTM humanizes blockchain technology by using it to certify your goodwill and enhance your real-life interactions with your loved ones.

We bring blockchain reliability to consumers with an accessible cost. Thanks to our service, you will be able to register on the blockchain a “promise” made to someone (even to yourself!). Generate a proof of word™to formalize your commitment to everybody around the world.

Registering a promise with proof of word means linking it to a blockchain entry, effectively enhancing its trustworthiness by 1000%!

Don't leave your loved ones hanging by the thread of chance! Display your accountability to the world and become a beacon of trustworthiness for those around you.

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How it works

Strenghten your reliability in three easy steps, thanks to the blockchain in three easy steps

Sign up and validate your identity
Make your promise and share it widely
Sell, exchange and collect promises
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