Make a promise

How it works

We suggest the use of Google Chrome for optimal use of the service.
  1. Keep your wallet ready

    PREFLIGHT: To use proof of word you will need to have a Metamask wallet.
    You can download Metamask here.
  2. Make your promise and create an account true to yourself!

    Once you have your Metamask wallet ready - click on MAKE A PROMISE in any part of the website and you will be able to create your promise and your account by connecting your wallet.
    You will need to insert your real name and, before your promise is completed, we will ask you to validate it by sending an ID. (ID needs to be true to your real name).
    Promises have a cost: We try to keep the service to a minimum price. To work on the blockchain a certain amount of computational power is needed, we cover this power ("gas") by charging a small amount of money (price depends on the market - just the amount of the gas, no overcharging).
    You can buy Matic by clicking BUY MATIC NOW in the promise page or by clicking on the button below.
    We work on the polygon blockchain, so you need Matic to cover the gas fee.
  3. Collect, share and exchange promises

    After confirmation you will see your promises in the promises from the community page.
    You will also able to see it in your Metamask portfolio under the NFT tab.
    From your promise page you will be able to share it online and to make it purchasable by others at a price of your choosing, likewise you will be able to purchase other people’s promises from the promises’ page.

Make your promise

Just do it now

How it works

Strenghten your reliability in three easy steps, thanks to the blockchain in three easy steps

Sign up and validate your identity
Make your promise and share it widely
Sell, exchange and collect promises
Uh oh, it seem you have connected your wallet on the wrong chain.
Please choose Polygon Mainnet on your wallet in order to keep things working.