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Frequently Asked Questions

proof of word™ is a service which lets you certify the trustworthiness of promises by registering them on the blockchain.
Promises are linked to smart contracts and contain a text declaration of the promise (fixed to a formula “I promise that…”) and a relative PDF certificate.
Promises will be listed under your real name and it won’t be possible to delete them after registering, so please think carefully about what you promise!

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

We try to keep the service to a minimum price. To work on the blockchain, a certain amount of computational power is needed.
We cover this power ("gas") by charging a small amount of money (just the amount of the gas, no overcharging).
Promises by proof of word™ are registered on <a href="">Polygon</a>, one of the most affordable blockchain platforms, we do this to make the service accesible to everyone.
To register a promise with proof of word™ you're Metamask wallet must be set to the "Polygon Mainnet" and you will need MATIC currency to complete the registration. <a href=""> (You can buy MATIC by clicking here). </a>

proof of word™ lets you register promises on the blockchain that will be listed on our website and other repositories, and lets you download a certification of authenticity in the form of a PDF. To register your promise, you will need to create a
nominal account and to certify it. You can do that here. The authentication process can take up to 48 hrs. Authentication is based on ID so needs to be true to your real name. You will also need a Metamask wallet to register your promise. You can
download Metamask here. (At the moment, proof of word™ is compatible only with Metamask wallets. <a href="">You can discover more about Metamask here</a>). You can then fill your promise request on .proof of word™ Promises will be manually reviewed and certified.
The certification process can take up to 48 hrs. After the promise is certified, it will be listed on the website under your real name and you will receive a PDF certificate.

To create a promise you will need just a <a href="">Metamask wallet</a>

No, promises are meant to be kept forever.

Uh oh, it seem you have connected your wallet on the wrong chain.
Please choose Polygon Mainnet on your wallet in order to keep things working.